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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Discount Plans

March 01, 2018

The following frequently asked questions have come in from readers of our blog as well as current and prospective members of the Dental Solutions..

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4 Most Common Misconceptions About Dental Discount Cards

February 20, 2018

All the great trailblazers in history were misunderstood at one time or another: Socrates, Van Gogh, and, of course, dental discount programs.

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Can Advancements in Dental Imaging Save Your Life?

February 08, 2018

The evolution of technology over the last few decades has been nothing short of incredible. The dental imaging industry is no exception to this..

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The History of Wisdom Teeth Removal in America

January 22, 2018

The vast majority of Americans, nearly 85 percent, have wisdom teeth removed in their lifetime. To put this into perspective, that is nearly 20..

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Dental Savings Options for Uninsured Employees

January 16, 2018

When you think about dental care, do you consider it a luxury or a need?

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The Best Ways to Face an Intimidating Dental Procedure

January 16, 2018

Nobody loves going to the dentist — fear of pain, unfamiliar hands in your mouth, the sound of the drill, and more can all induce dentist-office..

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