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Creative ways to teach your kids about dental health

February 04, 2016

To build an effective family dental plan, it's important to carry over some of the things your kids learn in the dentist's office to your home...

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3 tricks to get your kids to brush their teeth

February 04, 2016

Just as those pearly whites will start filling in before you know it, your little ones will be growing up sooner than you realize. Soon enough,..

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The oral threat of secondhand smoke

December 08, 2015

The public has become more aware of the dangers of cigarettes, but millions of nonsmokers still face the issues associated with secondhand smoke..

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Tricks for keeping a healthy smile on Halloween

October 27, 2015

On Halloween, the streets will be packed with all sorts of monsters and goblins trick-or-treating their way around the neighborhood. While they..

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Thumb-sucking: 101

October 14, 2015

Kids will stick just about anything in their mouths, including their fingers. Thumb-sucking is a reflexive and common habit for little ones, as..

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What to expect when a baby tooth is loose

October 08, 2015

That first wiggly tooth is a momentous occasion for parents and kids alike, but it can also bring about a lot of questions. Is this process..

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