How to Find Affordable Dental Care for Seniors, Simplified

July 27, 2016


For many senior citizens, living on a fixed income means making some tough choices. While this can be challenging, it can also be manageable and rarely slides into the realm of putting them at risk. However, if your loved one finds they are stuck between buying food to eat and receiving the medical attention they need, it’s clear that their financial situation needs a second look.

Unfortunately, this dilemma of choosing between essentials is one some seniors in the United States find themselves in each month.

Why do seniors struggle to find affordable health care?

In some cases, the situation arises due to circumstances outside the individual’s control. But sometimes, it can be a matter of not understanding what options are available for obtaining more affordable care. Learn why oral health is so important for seniors

There may be programs available that they aren’t aware of or don’t realize they qualify for, or locations they can go where services are available for lower-than-retail cost. There are also a host of discount options and alternatives to traditional health insurance.

Of course, if it’s your parent or grandparent who’s stuck in this difficult situation, you want to do everything you can to help them. For guidance assisting your aging parents, see these tips to get started.

Simple solution: a dental discount plan


"With a dental discount plan, seniors pay a very small monthly fee to receive upwards of 50% off the normal retail cost of dental services..."

One example of savings options some people may not be aware of is a program offering affordable dental care for seniors through a discount dental card.

Since Medicare is available to nearly all seniors over the age of 65, the most basic of medical coverage is usually available at little or no cost. However, Medicare doesn’t generally cover dental services, which leaves this vital aspect of a senior’s health at the mercy of a tight budget.

But with a dental discount plan, seniors can pay a very small monthly fee and, in return, receive upwards of 50% off the normal retail cost of both routine and advanced dental services from any of a large national panel of qualified dentists.

Since a discount program is not insurance, it doesn’t require deductibles, waiting periods, or additional fees.

With a dental discount card, many seniors on a tight budget find they’re able to put the necessary priority on maintaining their oral health during a period in life when it’s extremely vital.

If your parent needs help affording well-rounded health care, we encourage you explore how our dental discount program works and how easy it is to join. You could even make it a gift! Contact us with any questions and we’ll be delighted to help.

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