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What are Your Options for Affordable Dental Implants?

November 27, 2017

Dental implants have become extremely popular as an alternative treatment for people who previously had to rely on temporary solutions like glued..

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Give Yourself the Gift of Affordable Dental Care This Season

November 22, 2017


As we head into the holiday season, you’re probably focused on party planning, travel arrangements, and, of course, making sure you can find..

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Beware of These 3 Urgent Dental Care Situations

November 20, 2017

While 99 percent of what it takes to maintain excellent oral health comes down to a few simple habits, it’s important to realize that urgent or..

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Aging Into New Healthcare Habits Starts with Your Mouth | Blog | Dental Solutions

November 16, 2017

There’s no getting around the fact that, as we get older, we need to focus more of our time and attention on our health.

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4 Dental Facts in Time for National Diabetes Awareness Month

November 13, 2017

People with diabetes are susceptible to a number of complications due to high glucose levels. It is well known that diabetics face many health..

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In Healthcare, Why is Oral Health in a Class of Its Own?

November 10, 2017


Dentists universally agree that a dental checkup at least twice a year is essential to maintaining oral health for every person. Yet, many..

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