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What Are Your Options for Affordable Braces?

November 14, 2019

Years ago, braces were the bane of the teenager’s existence: there was simply no way to be cool with metal lining in your teeth. And, don’t even..

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What’s Involved in Getting Dental Crowns?

November 06, 2019

If your dentist has suggested the possibility of getting a dental crown to treat an issue, you probably have a number of questions. The term ..

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Is a Dental Bridge Right For You?

October 25, 2019

If your dentist has brought up the option of a dental bridge, you probably have a number of questions. For example, is the bridge being..

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Natural and Holistic Teeth-Whitening Remedies

September 30, 2019

Ah, those pearly whites. We place a lot of importance on them. Not only are healthy teeth linked to our overall well-being, but nothing boosts our..

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What Your Dentist Sees During Your Exam

January 31, 2019

From the patient’s perspective, the semiannual routine dental examination — when the dentist stops in and looks things over after the hygienist..

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Why Cavities Are Not Just a Kid's Problem

December 14, 2018

There are a number of common problems that usually affect children but not adults. It may come as a surprise to learn that cavities are not one of..

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