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Digital Hygiene 101: How to Practice Mindful Information Sharing

May 28, 2020

“Elephants think humans are cute!”“BREAKING NEWS RIGHT NOW!”“She went to the store. You won’t believe what happened next!”Day after day, our..

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What Do You Know About the Word “Healthy?”

February 19, 2020

Most of us have used a dictionary repeatedly throughout the years, while the thesaurus sits there next to it, collecting dust. But, when you think..

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Test Yourself After Sugar Awareness Week

February 07, 2020

Every year, Action on Sugar, a U.K.-based non-profit organization, hosts Sugar Awareness Week, an event that provides evidence-based education..

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What You Can Do About Prescription Drug Abuse

February 05, 2020

While we often hear about “the opioid epidemic” today — and that truly is a huge and serious problem — prescription drug abuse is not a new..

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Get Woke: How Caffeine Really Affects You

January 29, 2020

Both medical and public opinions on coffee — and specifically the compound that’s behind its enduring popularity, caffeine — have swung back and..

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