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Will Meal Replacement Bars Really Help You Lose Weight?

February 11, 2020

Encumbered by the stressors of daily life, finding time for reliable, healthy meals and consistent exercise is nearly impossible, so many are..

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Celebrate Your "Cuppa" During National Hot Tea Month

January 30, 2020

January is National Hot Tea Month, so it’s the perfect chance to sit back and appreciate the most popular beverage in the world (that isn’t..

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The Top 5 Fitness Trackers Heading Into 2020

November 25, 2019

Nearly everyone is wearing them, it seems. And, if you’re looking to make good on the inevitable “get in shape” resolution after the new year, you..

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Beginner Yoga Moves Anyone Can Master

November 08, 2019

While it’s certainly not a new trend — it’s been practiced for millennia in India — the benefits of yoga are becoming more understood in modern..

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How Safe Are Supplements?

October 29, 2019

A 2018 consumer survey found that 75 percent of Americans take dietary supplements, and 87 percent of them are generally confident in the safety,..

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The Mental Health Benefits of Mindfulness

September 13, 2019

Americans have begun taking a more active role in their health over the past several decades, and today, most of us realize that maintaining..

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