How Do You Find the Best Dental Deals?

September 20, 2017

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Shopping should be motivated by consumer choice, but, unfortunately, that’s not always true. The misconception that some areas of life, like healthcare, are exempt from bargain hunting leads many people to overspend on vital services, like dental care. In fact, individuals have more opportunity than ever to browse options, compare prices, and research — yet many think this freedom doesn’t apply to their health. Finding affordable dental service can be like finding a good deal on a car, or a loaf of bread — you just have to know where to look.

Do your research

It’s true that there is huge variance in dental costs, but many people make default decisions and miss out on good deals. Researching dentists in your area, and comparing prices, is a great way to ensure you’re not overpaying for dental services. Online tools and dental insurance websites allow you to search dental practices by location to compare costs. This small amount of research could be the difference between a $300 filling or a $150 filling.

However, price shouldn’t be the only determining factor when choosing a dentist — after all, these doctors play an important role in your health, so high-quality care is crucial. Be sure to account for personal referrals and online reviews when choosing a dentist. While insurance, proximity and other unavoidable factors will inevitably contribute to a final say on a dentist, you should be aware that it is possible to save on this expense through savvy buyer habits.

Don’t discount discounts

Dental costs aren’t set in stone, and with the right tools and information there are usually several ways to save. Discount websites, specials and even coupons can help drive down costs on procedures. 

Did you know there are Groupon deals for dental services? Most people wouldn’t think the site that offers deals on lattes and spa treatments could make dental care more affordable, but this can be a smart way to save money. In the Groupon “dental” category, there are dozens of discounts on cleanings, teeth whitening, braces and more.

"Dental costs aren’t set in stone, and with the right tools and information there are usually several ways to save. Discount websites, specials and even coupons can help drive down costs on procedures. "

This is a good option for individuals looking for big savings on one-time visits, but Groupon discounts aren’t sustainable. Deals come and go, and can only be used once. Plus, this savings method requires buyers to seek out deals, which can be tedious and is not always fruitful.

Another way to get deals on dental procedures is through dental discount programs, such as Dental Solutions, a membership service that offer discounts on routine and specialized treatment, which can be redeemed without limit. For less than $10 a month, Dental Solutions members receive between 20-50 percent off procedures like cleanings, checkups and fillings — as well as specialized work like orthodontics and gum surgery.

With a dental discount program, the hassle of hunting down deals is eliminated. At the appointment, just present your Dental Solutions card and receive instant savings. This can be a useful alternative to dental insurance, because the annual cost is low, and members still receive big savings on dental procedures. With a dental discount program, members have an agency for their dental health.

The flexibility and affordability of a dental discount program make it a great option for families. With a dental discount program, one membership can be used by every family member, for any number of procedures. This way, members don’t face limitations, waiting periods or deductibles.  

To learn how these dental deals can save you money on your next dental visit, Contact Dental Solutions.

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