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When Benefits Aren’t an Option: How Employees Can Save on Dental Care

April 19, 2017

It would be nice to imagine that every employee could count on receiving the medical and dental care they need as an automatic part of their..

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Show Your Teeth and Your Wallet Some Love With Dental Discounts

February 13, 2017

Everyone knows love is in the air in February. You may already have big Valentine’s Day plans of your own. (And if you don’t, get moving! You’re..

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3 Affordable Health Benefits to Offer Your Employees This Year

January 25, 2017

According to a study published by The Integrated Benefits Institute, poor health among employees costs the U.S. economy over $576 billion a year...

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How to Stop Overpaying for Dental Care at Every Visit

January 23, 2017

Have you ever gotten up from the dentist’s chair grateful there was no pain or discomfort at all, only to feel a sense of panic when you’re handed..

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Why is Dental Care So Expensive? How Dental Discounts Can Help

January 18, 2017

Far exceeding many other industries, the cost of dental care in the United States has increased twice as fast as the rate of inflation over the..

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Is Affordable Dental Care Out of Reach? 4 Ways You Can Save

June 29, 2016

Due to the high cost of paying out-of-pocket for dental for care, many Americans have concluded that affordable dental care is simply not..

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