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February 13, 2017


Everyone knows love is in the air in February. You may already have big Valentine’s Day plans of your own. (And if you don’t, get moving! You’re running out of time!)

But there are some other, lesser known, oral health events coming up in February that we would like to bring to your attention to keep the celebrations going this month:

National Children’s Dental Health Month

The entire month of February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.

This annual month-long focus on making sure American children are receiving proper oral health care began in 1941 as a one-day event. In 1955, it was extended to one week, and in 1981 to a month.

The purpose of the event is to spread the word about the importance of oral health care for children and to offer dentists, schools, and other related organizations helpful resources they can use to encourage young ones to develop excellent oral health self care habits at an early age.

Through With Chew Week: February 19-25

While the health concerns related to smoking cigarettes have been widely discussed for years, and great strides have been made in cutting down on tobacco use, the equally dangerous habit of chewing tobacco doesn’t recieve nearly as much attention.

From a health perspective, however, chewing tobacco can be just as dangerous as smoking, especially if the user starts chewing at an early age. Snuff and chewing tobacco contain at least 28 chemicals that have been proven to cause various types of cancer in the mouth, esophagus, and pancreas, and chewing tobacco provides - on average - twice the nicotine of a cigarette, making it even more habit-forming than smoking is.

Many different organizations nationwide take part in Through With Chew Week, including Project Uniform, a partnership with the US Armed Forces.

National Tooth Fairy Day: February 28


"While the health concerns related to smoking cigarettes have been widely discussed for years, the equally dangerous habit of chewing tobacco doesn’t recieve nearly as much attention."

For kids who are losing their baby teeth, there’s nothing more exciting than when the Tooth Fairy drops by overnight and takes their latest lost tooth in exchange for a small gift.

On February 28th, we celebrate this age-old custom that’s come to us from as far back as the Vikings, who used to pay their children for lost baby teeth because they believed a baby tooth necklace gave them strength in battle. Today, however, we have a much different understanding of the Tooth Fairy.

Parents can even log on to her website along with their children and learn all about her, how she manages to slip into their room at night, and how much they can expect to get for their lost teeth. (Hint: the cleaner and better cared for the tooth is, the more the fairy will pay for it!)

Why not start up your dental discount plan in February?

With all these great reasons to focus on oral health in February - not to mention the love that comes with Valentine’s Day - it’s the perfect time of year to start showing your own teeth (and your wallet) some love.

Why not join a dental discount program this month?

For a small monthly or annual fee, your entire household can enjoy 20%-50% off the retail cost of regular and advanced dental services through participating providers across the country.

Being able to care for your and your family’s oral health is the best compliment to the month’s calendar of smile-friendly events and celebrations. Get started today!

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