Why You Don't Need Luck to Save on Dental Care

March 16, 2018


While most dentists recommend semi-annual visits, many people still choose to leave their oral health up to the luck of the Irish. That’s right — St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and that can only mean three things: parades, green beverages, and the following tips about your dental care. Skeptical? Here are the best ways to take control of your oral health, and save on dental care, without needing a four-leafed clover.

The dangers of DIY care

Even the most fastidious brusher — fearsome as the fighting Irish — falls short of full-fledged freshness. That is to say, even brushing and flossing daily are not enough to avoid pricey dental procedures.

Regular cleanings are an important piece of the puzzle. Only trained hygienists, with the knowhow and equipment to deep clean, are equipped to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from teeth. Not to mention, hygienists and dentists are trained to perform visual inspection of your mouth and x-rays, which gives them special insight into any impending issues, and professionals can recommend preventative care before it’s too late.

The cost of a great smile

While some people avoid the dentist due to time constraints or fear, cost is the most prominent deterrent of professional dental care. Around one-third of Americans do not have dental insurance and, on average, they pay four times the amount for regular dental care.

You don’t need three wishes from a Leprechaun to afford dental care — dental discount programs are an inexpensive, reliable alternative to traditional coverage.

Daily dental diligence

"Around one-third of Americans do not have dental insurance and, on average, they pay four times the amount for regular dental care."

For all the benefits that come with semi-annual dentists visits, real dental savings start at home. Brushing twice a day helps fight off bacteria and remove food and acid that accumulate on teeth throughout the day. But simply brushing isn’t enough — it’s important to floss too (in order to remove any corned beef or cabbage stuck in between teeth from St. Patrick’s Day festivities). Nearly half of Americans don’t floss regularly, and while costs might not occur immediately, the cost of dental neglect mounts overtime.

Practicing good dental hygiene is the first line of defense against finding yourself in need of pricey dental procedures. But don’t start counting your gold coins just yet — personal dental hygiene alone is not enough to significantly cut down on dental costs.

How to make dental care more affordable

If the cost of regular dental checkups puts a strain on your budget, there are options to help you save on dental care.  

Dental discount programs offer you and everyone in your household 20-50 percent off the retail cost of both general and advanced dental care procedures. Save on costly oral health services such as whitenings, fillings, extractions and regular checkups.

Contact Dental Solutions for more information on the savings potential of a dental discount card, and find the pot of gold at the end of your next dentist visit.

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