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The Best Ways to Care for Gums When You're Missing Teeth

December 13, 2017

Whether you took a particularly hard hit in hockey, have experienced poor oral health, or you’re aging, you have now found yourself with a missing..

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How Can Families Save on Dental Care Without Insurance?

December 11, 2017


With the new year around the corner, your resolution might be to visit the dentist more regularly. But, as often is the case with New Year’s..

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3 Things You Need to Know About Loose Teeth

December 07, 2017

You’re biting into a shiny, red apple, straight off the tree. Nothing could be better than that sweet, fresh taste and satisfying crunch… until..

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What are Your Options for Affordable Dental Implants?

November 27, 2017

Dental implants have become extremely popular as an alternative treatment for people who previously had to rely on temporary solutions like glued..

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Give Yourself the Gift of Affordable Dental Care This Season

November 22, 2017


As we head into the holiday season, you’re probably focused on party planning, travel arrangements, and, of course, making sure you can find..

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Beware of These 3 Urgent Dental Care Situations

November 20, 2017

While 99 percent of what it takes to maintain excellent oral health comes down to a few simple habits, it’s important to realize that urgent or..

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