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Breaking Down the Biggest Myths About Aging and Your Oral Health

April 23, 2018

Isn’t getting older hard enough without having to struggle to find true answers to simple questions? Unfortunately, there are so many myths,..

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Facts You Should Know for Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April 10, 2018

April of 2018 is Oral Cancer Awareness Month — an opportunity for dental professionals and their patients to increase awareness of this “quiet..

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Is Botox Really Effective for Dental Issues?

March 26, 2018


It’s been almost 30 years since botulinum toxin, better known as Botox, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In its early days,..

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How Dental Self Care Plays a Role in These Top Illnesses for Seniors

March 19, 2018

The need for excellent oral hygiene — including self-care habits like brushing and flossing your teeth — has no age limits. You’re never too young..

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Why You Don't Need Luck to Save on Dental Care

March 16, 2018

While most dentists recommend semi-annual visits, many people still choose to leave their oral health up to the luck of the Irish. That’s right —..

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