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Venturing Out During the Pandemic? Here are the Questions You Should Ask

July 17, 2020

As businesses of all types start to open their doors, they will also be opening alongside a pandemic that is continuing to affect millions of..

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Protecting Your Eyes in the Age of Screens and Blue Light

July 02, 2020

They are in our pockets, our purses and even our homes. In fact, you’re looking at one right now as you read this. No, this isn’t a setup for a..

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Summer Safety Check: Your Guide to Skin Cancer and Sun Protection

June 19, 2020

Summer is here, which means it’s time for some fun in the sun! And there is no better feeling than the warm rays of the sun on our bodies as we..

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Digital Hygiene 101: How to Practice Mindful Information Sharing

May 28, 2020

“Elephants think humans are cute!”“BREAKING NEWS RIGHT NOW!”“She went to the store. You won’t believe what happened next!”Day after day, our..

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How Smiling Improves Your Overall Health

October 23, 2019

You’ve heard it a thousand times: laughter is the best medicine. And, remarkably, there’s truth in that old adage. But how, exactly, does the act..

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6 Tips for Getting a Move On at Work

August 22, 2019

A classic study from 2013 showed that 80 percent of our sedentary lifestyle can be traced to our work. Upping the ante, the Annals of Internal..

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